Paavai Institutions

History of Paavai

Shri.N.V.Natarajan, the Chairman of Paavai Institutions, hails from Rasipuram in Namakkal District, Tamilnadu. His father, Shri. Varadappa Gounder, was an enterprising person working as Civil Engineering Contractor and running a sago factory of his own. His mother, Smt. Paavaiammal is a simple yet strong-willed and hard-working woman. No wonder, Shri.N.V.Natarajan has inherited the traits of sincerity, dedication and hard work from his parents.

During his school days, Shri.N.V.Natarajan had to look after the accounts in the sago factory not only on holidays but also in the evenings; and thus he imbibed the spirit of work culture. When he was a 9th standard student, a team of Commercial Tax Officers visited the sago factory one day and asked him what aspired to become. He replied that he would like to become an engineer, perhaps because his father was already a contractor. He was advised by the CTO to study Chartered Accountancy course for two reasons; one was that as there were too many engineers and there was nothing special about it and another reason was that only 2 – 7% would be the pass percentage in the CA Exams in India. The suggestion was really an eye-opener to the 9th standard student to hit upon his future academic prospects.

Though Shri.N.V.Natarajan was scoring 100% in Mathematics, he chose to study the commerce group in the pre-university course at Jamal Mohammed College, Trichy, since the instinct of becoming an auditor was throbbing within. Then, he joined B.Com., at Kandasamy Kandar’s College, Velur. While studying B.Com, this ambitious young student at the age of seventeen had a dream of starting an educational institution. In one of the assignments pertaining to the subject Mercantile Law, he had drawn the sketch of an educational institution (college) – the buildings, the playgrounds, the students crisscrossing while moving to classes and laboratories, etc., on the wrapper. When his professor came to know this, he appreciated him for his cherished dream.

After successfully completing his B.Com.,Shri.N.V.Natarajan pursued his higher studies in Chartered Accountancy knowing pretty well the difficulty level of the course. Being a brilliant student in Mathematics and Accountancy, it was easy for him to get a pass, despite the hardships in his family business.

Shri.N.V.Natarajan got married to Ms.Mangaiarkarasi in the year 1987. Smt.Mangai is a simple, straight-forward, outspoken and good-natured woman showing marital harmony at every stage. She is not only a life-partner but also a partner in all her husband’s endeavors and entrepreneurial ventures. Motivated and encouraged by her husband, she undertook LIC agency and succeeded incredibly to be ranked as one of the top 25 agents at all India level. She is also a leading investment consultant since 1987 in finance and insurance sector in Salem and Namakkal districts till date. She is the “Formless form of Paavai” always present and ever ready to tackle situations and solve problems on the campus of Paavai.

The cherished and made-for-each-other couple, Shri.N.V.Natarajan & Smt.Mangai Natarajan are blessed with a cute, shrewd and an endearing daughter. Ms.N.Avanti, an undergraduate from Anna University, Chennai and a postgraduate from America, is a multi-faceted young lady – a dancer, a speaker, a writer, a singer, a painter and a designer – all in one. She has picked up the thread of her parents and she, at present, is actively supporting her parents in administrating the Paavai Educational Institutions.

When one’s wishes are earnest and genuine and the means are honest and fair, one is bound to succeed at all levels. The emergence of PavaiVaram Educational Trust on 13th October, 1997, named after his parents Paavaiammal and VaradappaGounder, stood testimony to it. Exactly on the completion of the fifteenth year of his dream, Shri.N.V.Natarajan started Paavai Women Polytechnic College in 1998 and then the Trust added Shri. T. R. Manisekaran, a Sago Industrialist as Vice Chairman, Shri.T.R.Palanivel, B.Com., a Businessman, as Secretary, Dr.M.Ramakrishnan M.B.B.S., DCH, a Pediatrician as Treasurer, Shri.N.Palanivel M.A., a Sago Industrialist as Joint Secretary and Shri.K.Senthil M.B.A., a Marketing Person as Director Admissions into the board.

The Chairman is empathetic towards his employees and he considers his teachers as the pillars and his students as the pearls of Paavai. He treats all the stakeholders as the members of the Paavai family, he being the head.

The Chairman, as an able administrator, is strict and meticulous in carrying out the tasks undertaken. He is a perfectionist and he expects perfection and a professional touch in all the works carried out by his employees. He sleeps hardly for six hours a day and only his sincere and untiring hard work has led him to this present position. He always focuses on culture, ethics and life-values of the students and the staff. He insists on cleanliness, discipline, hard work and quality education. As for him, there are no half-measures and compromise when it comes to quality.By his patience and perseverance, he has earned the goodwill of the public and thus, Paavai Institutions are flourishing admirably.


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